Why Every Buyer Should Get An Inspection prior to purchasing a property

Faulty plumbing may not be visible

How expensive is this structural damage to repair? It can be caused by heavy rain, melting snow, leaks in the roof or the foundation. Water intrusion and leaks are costly.

How solid is your foundation?

Mold remediation is not cheap. Better to find out ahead of time if you have existing issues.

Can you see loose shingles or tiles on the entire roof?

A close examination may save you from future nightmares

Can you see fascia board damage or gutter condition?

Can you determine if anything in the electrical circuits is not up to code or faulty?

Inspectors are invaluable and worth their weight in gold. They can estimate the price of repair. You must hire a specialized vendor to handle the task.

Insurance rates can be reduced with wind mitigation and 4 point Inspection reports. You want a sense of satisfaction your property will not blow away in strong winds.

Your HVAC system whether it is a single zone or multiple zone can be mounted above ground or on a slab. Inspectors can estimate the age of components and current conditions.

If you are not hooked up to a municipal water system, it is recommended to have your septic system checked for drainfield damage and when it was last emptied.

How about that pool you cannot wait to swim in? The inspector can provide invaluable details you should know prior to a purchase.